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Automate now for the future. Certo-Tech’s automated solutions are designed to increase productivity with less manual labour, keeping your operation running no matter what disruptions arise. With the coming months uncertain and market demands continually changing, it is now more important than ever to ensure your operation can function efficiently and safely no matter what the future holds.

As business processes change, automated systems are the best solution to ensure your operation can continue to run without any interruption. It is important for companies to be proactive at this time instead of reactive to any market disturbances, creating a sustainable setup for the long-term.

From the food industry, to fertilizer and industrial, Certo-Tech’s services include:

    • Tote Bag Filling & Discharging
    • Robotic Palletizing
    • Bag Filling & Handling
    • Robotic Case/Box Handling

To start your automation integration today and boost your efficiency, contact us at sales@advancemillwrights.com or give us a call at 519-669-4200. Stay ahead of demand and prepare yourself for the future.