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Custom Robotic Solutions Tailored to fit your Workspace


Certo-Tech designs, fabricates, programs, and installs automated end-of-line systems. Our solutions are custom developed for each customer’s specific needs, integrating into their current facility layout with a custom-tailored footprint. No matter your space limitations or current line flow, we’ll create a solutions which enhances your operation.

Our systems are suited for a variety of  industries and operations, including but not limited to, pallet dispensers, slip sheet dispensers, bag, case or box palletizing as well as full pallet transfer conveyors. Our combined experience spans 50 years in design, manufacturing, programming, and installation. Our primary goal is to provide our customers with quality equipment that meets or exceeds their individual expectations. We offer solutions from individual pieces of equipment or total turn-key projects.

Tote Bag Filling & Discharging

  • Custom Designed
  • Drum Filling Attachment
  • Product Flow Control
  • Electronic or Pneumatic Lift
  • Handles Multiple Bag Sizes and Weights

Robotic Palletizing

  • Custom Designed
  • Speeds: Up To 20 BPM
  • Low Maintenance
  • Full Installation Available
  • Full Technical Support
  • 24 Hour Parts and Service

Bag Filling & Handling

  • Baggers
  • Hoppers/Chutes
  • Valve Bag Air Packer
  • Valve Bag Auger Packer
  • Open Mouth Bagging
  • Automated Bag Hanging
  • Bag Reforming
  • Bag Closing

Robotic Case/ Box Handling

  • Case/Box Conveyors
  • Complete Automated Robotic Palletizing for Cases and Boxes
  • 40-60 Boxes Per Minute
  • Check Weigher