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As a member of the Tri-Mach Group of Companies, our vision at Advance Millwrights is to become the number one employer of the skilled trades in North America. To achieve this goal, we are constantly introducing new initiatives to improve the quality of training for our employees and to encourage more individuals to begin a career in the skilled trades. Some crucial steps we have taken to uphold our vision include the following:

Conestoga College Board of Governors

Tri- Mach Group of Companies has a long-standing partnership with the Conestoga College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning. From providing co-op and apprenticeship opportunities to organizing experiential learning projects, we work together to improve the quality of education for those pursuing a career in the skilled trades.

Our CEO, Krystal Darling, is a member of the Conestoga College Board of Directors and contributes a valuable industry perspective to the board’s objectives. Her position provides a voice for the skilled trades within the educational sphere, focusing on the promotion of skilled trade excellence and improving the provincial licensing process for apprentices.

Centre of Excellence Training Program

The Centre of Excellence training program is available to all our skilled trades employees and is designed to provide training for those eager to new learn new skills or to enhance their capabilities. Essential skills are taught by our experienced Team Leads using the same procedures performed in our fabrication facility daily. Employees can even earn their CWB and TSSA certifications through the Centre of Excellence program with courses taught by the Tri-Mach Group of Companies’ in-house representatives.

These key initiatives and many more help bring us closer to our vision of becoming the number one employer of the skilled trades in North America, creating a better future of skilled tradespeople.