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As the demand for automation in manufacturing rises, Advance Millwrights has been developing innovative new solutions to minimize manual labour. One of our latest Certo-Tech turnkey projects was a robotic palletizing process for packaging feed bags. This specific project was completed for a local feed mill and our valued customers, Floradale Feed Mill Ltd.

This fully automated Certo-Tech palletizing system packs and wraps the customer’s products safely, minimizing any human intervention. The system indexes the pallet and slip sheets ready for the bag and stacks bags to their chosen customized pattern. After the automated stacking, this system goes above and beyond to also wrap the skid and indexes the pallet down the line on our stagging conveyors. From there the product smoothly moves along the conveyors and into warehousing. This entire process is then completed the same way for the mini skids.

This automated robotic palletizing system enhances the entire production line. Designed to palletize anywhere from 10-24 hours a day and offers a variety of different bag sizes. This Certo-Tech system optimizes production efficiency and can do anywhere from 12-18 bags per minute!

When it comes to robotic palletizing, the Advance difference we offer is the single-source responsibility for your entire project. From engineering and fabrication to installation and maintenance, we ensure the project was completed. Entirely custom designed and built in-house by our expert team. All electrical and programming was completed by our sister company Industrial Contracting Solutions, offering you only one point of contact and one estimate. We are proud to offer quality service and produce outstanding work in all areas of design, manufacturing, and installation.

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View the video below to see the robot in action!